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Frank Taillandier • Edited on

Hey Cécile,

One nice recent addition to is the ability to take advantage of your SSG's Hot Module Replacement capability 🔥.

If you use a JS-based SSG like Gatsby, Gridsome, NextJS, NuxtJS, etc. chances are HMR is available by default. It means when you're editing in Forestry, editors get a similar experience to what a developer has locally.
Also, you don't need to save to preview, so no waiting for some builds to finish to get a preview URL, it's just instant.

Here's an instant preview 👀 with Gridsome:

With TinaCMS as you edit the website directly from the front end, you're always seeing what the end result will look like.

Here's a NextJS demo of the current experience when you edit inline blocks in Tina 🦙: