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Discussion on: On Death and Dying: Ruby on Rails

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David Porter

Unpopular opinion judging by the rest of the comments, but I really dislike Ruby syntax and I don't like some of the "magic" elements of Rails that are sometimes challenging to trace precisely what is going on. And the bundler is cumbersome and frustrating at times. I did however find Rails to be quite fast at processing queries which renders my gripes less relevant.

And while I'm at it:

  • Java: I hate it.
  • PHP: I don't like the syntax either, it can be very hard to read.
  • Go: Premise is good, but cumbersome, especially the endless error handling. Also quite rigid with the strong typing which most probably consider a feature.
  • Python: I love the syntax, dislike the performance. If Flask was a performant as Rails that would be the winner for me.
  • Node: As performant as the single thread async stuff is, I find you spend all your time making the request handling synchronous. I also hate curly brackets, I prefer ident based code.