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Thwaites Conjecture - graphically

What are conjectures?

Wikipedia says "In mathematics, a conjecture is a conclusion or a proposition which is suspected to be true due to preliminary supporting evidence, but for which no proof or disproof has yet been found".

So, from one of these conjectures, I came across was the Thwaites Conjecture.
The algorithm proceeds as below:
Think of a positive whole number,
if the number is odd, multiply by 3 and add 1,
if the number is even, just half it.
Keep repeating this procedure, you'll eventually reach 1.

So, to see why this is true, I thought of plotting every step on the graph to see if there is any pattern. You can go ahead and comment your observations. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pattern but I understood how canvas was used.

I am currently in the process of improving this project.
The height and width need to be scaled properly to make all the points visible.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Happy coding!

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