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Discussion on: Why do we use Hello World? - the history behind it

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DJ Quecke

Late night crusing and I found a couple of links I think.
Dartmouth was way ahead of the times in the 60's when they first developed time sharing on a mainframe. Then they developed the BASIC language for these mainframe terminals.

When time sharing was introduced on the IBM\360 they provided the PL/1 and BASIC languages to the terminal users. I also have been unable to find a reference for BAISC on the 360 although I am certain I used it '76, my senior year of high school.

There is a pretty good article at:

I also found the textbook I used for APL in '76.

Interesting stuff. Powerful language.

Thanks for your article, it got me thinking of my earliest days with computers.

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Just5MoreMinutes Author • Edited on

Disclaimer: I'm very sorry for the late response!

wow, it's been a while since I last checked up on DEV and I was quite surprised to see any traction on this post!

Anyway, thank you very much for the two links and the additional research! I read through the article and it was very interesting. I learned a lot of new things from it and it was especially exciting to get to know how computers and programming became more mainstream thanks to BASIC. It truly seems to be a powerful language, thanks for sharing the article!

I'm currently checking out the textbook.

Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the article, thank you very much for reading, giving feedback and doing some more research!