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Discussion on: To the Stars with Quasar & Firebase - User Profile

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Hi Adam,
I appreciate the quick reply. I included that interceptor in my axios boot file. So the token can then be passed into index.js and then I can verify the user, but I am not understanding how to get the current user's uid into my node file...

Sorry for my ignorance, still learning!

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Adam Purdy Author

No problem!

Pass it from the client app via the API call by retrieving it from the currentUser that is loaded in your page from your Vuex getter.

You can extract out the uid from that currentUser object and then when you make your API call to your node server include it in your payload.

If this still doesn't make sense it's best if you reach out to me on Discord (Adam P(EN/US)) as you might need clarification on working with the data flow.

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Sounds good! Would you mind adding me as a friend? djsilvestri#5594