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re: I see your point. It's just that switching back and forth between Windows and Linux for my work is a bit tiresome. It's just my personal observatio...

Right, and for $2500 I can buy a gaming laptop that can be combined with a docking station(1) and that setup can run Linux and OSX in a VM while I'm playing Cities Skylines (or whatever) on the host. That's, basically, my point. I have no (real) opinion on buying a Mac but it seems like people are making the choice without really understanding their choices (and old-timers like me will notice). The exception to this is old-school BSD guys. But I recognize those guys from a mile away and haven't encountered one 'in the wild' in the past few years (but boy were they excited about the changes to OSX!)

(1) it's got to allow video pass-thru from the host

and that setup can run Linux and OSX in a VM

Good luck with that OSX in VM :D

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