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Discussion on: Testing 1, 2, 3... RSpec Basics and Tips for RoR.

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Daniel Uber • Edited on

I would add to the list of resources you included the rspec docs themselves, which are written in a BDD style, it's "given some file with code as shown", "when I run this command", "the output looks like this" which is super useful in formalizing what the documentation is trying to say, by showing what it's saying, too. is a concrete example.

For me, the hardest part of using the documentation is figuring out which of the bundled gems provide the functionality I need, since the documentation is divided between the gems, but I am usually internally thinking "this is rspec" about the combination of all of the components, and I find myself always second guessing "is this a mock from rspec-mocks? or is this an expectation from rspec-expectations? or is this a rails specific helper in rspec-rails?"

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Desiree Lerma Author

Hi Daniel!
Thank you for the feedback and the additional resource. I'll add it to the resources I currently have listed. I agree, sifting through the gems to find the correct one is also a difficulty for me.