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Is Software Engineer a generic title? I recently graduated from university and am looking for my first job.
I'd love any comments on my LinkedIn 😊 I get some profile visits by recruiters but nothing pans out.


No its not, developer title is generic.


For your headline Software Engineer is generic.
Most CompSci grads like to use the "Engineer" and if you are trying to align with a company culture where the people hiring also hold CompSci titles than you may want to keep "Software Engineer"

I see your last project was .NET stack so I may suggest this as your headline:

Full Stack .NET Software Engineer

I think you need to pick a language and focus on it. Since you have Python, Java and .NET
Certain titles can imply the usage of more than one language and then allows you to choose a primary language you promote.

So for example, if you wanted to be a Data Engineer I'm going to expect you know Java really well and so you can double down on that.

If you are a Data Scientist I'm going to expect Python.

When you're mixing languages its normally going to be Javascript Flavor + Primary Langauge.


Typescript + Python
Coffeecript + Ruby

That's the thing though, I'm applying for web dev jobs with different stacks so I don't want to limit myself. I'm even applying for mobile development and data science. I may try the ES6 + Python combination as I've done projects that used both and consider myself as a beginner in .NET.
Thanks a lot for your reply!

My suggestion, in this case, is to curate a unique résumé for the requirements of the job and keep your LinkedIn profile specific to one technology.

This will allow you a bit more reach.

I think that without specialization in your profile the result is likely you'll be applying to more jobs such as 20-30 applications before you see conversion and you may become overwhelmed with the number of challenges, take homes or additional study required which is a common complaint by juniors here on DEV.to.

Last time I went to the job market, I only applied to 7 and had 6 formal offers and I attribute this to exact 1-to-1 alignment with the job excluding anything unrelated even if it was transferable knowledge. I don't believe this is the result of being a senior since in-fact played down my years of experience to combat against ageism.

Python is an excellent choice and is on the rise.
React is also a great way to enter the market.

If you have an interest in data-driven startups which are clamouring for developers may I suggest:

ES6, Python, Django, Pandas

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