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Discussion on: 10 things I've learned from working remotely

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David Makogon • Edited on

Great list. As a 100% remote worker (aside from travel), I depend on specific routines to keep me functional, and your list covers much of those routines.

Specifically: Morning routine (coffee, breakfast, workout), lunchtime dog-walk (~2 miles daily), non-work hobby stuff (photography and related forums).

The other thing I must remind myself of: Family time and disconnecting. That means... leaving the office and going upstairs. Putting the phone+laptop away during the evening when spending time with the family.

Oh, and then there are "hours." At home, I'm not boxed into a set work-day schedule, especially working with a global team. Sometimes there's a doctor appointment or kid activity and I disappear for a few hours during the day, but then I can get back to stuff in the evening. Easier said than done: Such a work schedule requires buy-in from the family, and careful (and considerate) coordination.

One last tip for other home-workers, which touches upon your item #5: Webcams. On almost all of my calls & meetings (aside from global team meetings where it would be a mess if everyone had video), I have my camera on, which encourages other teammates to do the same. This (in my opinion) has a profound effect on reducing work-from-home isolation.