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re: I'd love to use this! Any chance you could share the code? Make it an open source project? If others could contribute you could get a linux/mac ver...

Thank you!
It is encouraging to know that other people find this useful.

I have been thinking about open sourcing the project for some time now but for different reasons.

I don't think that a c# code base will be of any use if it needs to switch to a completely different platform and use HTML/Javascript. I might as well start a new project from scratch.

In that case though, I am not sure I would be the best person to maintain a project which is based on a stack that I am not particularly familiar with.


Would you mind if someone took a crack at it? With proper credit naturally! :D

Not at all! The more tools like GitCup available out there, the better the chances that some devs might come across and use one of them. Any credit, although unnecessary and probably undeserved, is always appreciated and welcome :)

Excellent! Thank you so much! It's a big project for me to take on (I'm still a baby dev!) But it looks like such a great tool. And I love nothing better than a good tracker! I might be sending you questions so watch out! :D

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