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My favorite Mac keyboard shortcut is ⌘-Shift-?, which brings up the "universal help search" dialog that all apps share. The best thing about this dialog is you can start typing the names of menu items, and you can use the arrow keys to reveal where each menu item lives!

I use it for:

1) Discovering menu options that I know must exist (eg in Illustrator which I only sporadically use and therefore never remember where anything is). It's much faster than the mouse for that.
2) Pretending that keyboard shortcuts exist for menu items that don't actually have shortcuts. For example, tagging an item with a color in the Finder. ⌘-Shift-?, "tag", down arrow, enter, type tag color. Looks like a lot, but if you're a touch typist it's way faster than finding the mouse options.


I believe that shortcut is cmd+shift+/, isn't it?

BTW There is app called CheatSheet, that when you long press CMD key it will show all keyboard shortcuts of current app then.


You're absolutely right - I'll edit my post. Thanks!

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