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Answering your question: I'm also cross-posting all articles from my blog to

Why? Because what makes me happy are the writing process itself, and the discussion about the topics I write. I don't really care about the view count, I prefer having meaningful interactions. is really great at making interesting discussions happen in the comments section. I think it works both because of the way the site works (every member is identified on twitter or github), and also because of the community (developers sharing knowledge).

I also have a few comments:

I stick to my schedule writing a blog post every week.

That's impressive. I'm trying to do the same but as you can see I'm rather at one post every 2 weeks.

I wanted people to visit my site

Same for me. I have a dedicated machine where I manage everything. I love the fact that I have complete control over my contents.

I do also not want anyone to take advantage of things I want to provide for free.

I don't really care. All I'm asking is attribution. That's why my posts are using a CC BY license

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