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Discussion on: I'm considering to use vim or neovim as my primary text editor. Any tips?

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Dian Fay

Learn the basics with vim adventures.

Get a plugin manager. I like dein but there are many others such as vundle or pathogen.

Also, get some plugins. Shougo makes a bunch of useful and heavily customizable workflow aids like the fuzzy finder denite, Tim Pope (tpope) does a lot of small efficiency plugins like vim-surround and vim-commentary. Browse some vimrcs and check out stuff that looks interesting.

Don't try to 100% keyboard right from the beginning, it's a great way to hate working with vim and give up:

set mousefocus
set mouse=a

Case-insensitive searching unless your search string contains upper-case letters:

set ignorecase
set smartcase

Easier navigation with long (wrapped) lines:

nnoremap j gj
nnoremap k gk
vnoremap j gj
vnoremap k gk
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M. Floering

+1 for vim adventures!