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re: When I was first learning to code, I found a different website to copy every day. I'd give myself 60-90 minutes and try to recreate the website fro...

Copying websites from scratch seems like a solid frontend exercise & a great way to learn how to put them together.

But it's possible to learn like that, and even to show the results off in an interview if you like, without falling all over yourself -- "hire me! Please, god, hire me! I'll make you coffee! Need your shoes shined? I have X Y Z qualifications and A B C relevant experience with this or that and could put my skills to use at a thousand companies in this area code, but I'm stuck on you specifically so just in case you're not looking to grow in these areas or implement my business plans yet how about I just refill the soap dispensers in your bathrooms? Please?"

When I look at that website I don't think "wow, that's dedication, we should all be so fortunate as to hire Ninas", I think "holy shit lady, have some self-respect".

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