re: Persisting a Node API with PostgreSQL, without the help of ORM's like sequelize. VIEW POST


Good on you for avoiding O/RMs, but you don't have to resort to writing SQL for everything, especially if you want to stick to the JavaScript part! There are a couple of options that give you a more "JavaScripty" way to work with your database without the O/RM overhead:

  • query builders like Knex
  • data mappers like (my project) Massive

They have slightly different strengths & so the appropriate choice depends on where you're planning to take this. Query builders do well if you have a lot of one-offs, different joins depending on context, customizable aggregation, and so on. Data mappers are more organized and provide a consistent framework for retrieving and manipulating information.


Thanks for the suggestion,i woudl definitely try them out. Thanks again

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