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To take the semi-rhetorical question in the title at face value: not any more than welding, writing, or cooking do, or really any occupation where it's possible to screw up or fail somehow (which is about all of them). It might be interesting to consider whether programming holds a particular attraction for people already disposed toward anxiety and other neuroses, but I don't have any data to hand on that.

I've found cognitive-behavioral therapeutic techniques helpful, although it takes a bit of practice to be able to take that step back and force yourself to think critically in the moment.


A fair point! I’ve likewise applied CBT and mindfulness techniques for the same reason.

I’d love some data on this too - anecdotally I’ve encountered many programmers who’ve tipped into chronically difficult emotional territory. I wonder if there is something about the mental nature of programming and the particular ease with which bugs can be created. Thanks for your reply!

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