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Windows as an end-user operating system is targeted primarily at users for whom computers are a means rather than an end: your average desktop user just wants to communicate with someone else, lay out a spreadsheet, play a game, look at an inventory report. They don't care so much how the computer and the programs they use work as long as they work and are minimally obtrusive about it. And they shouldn't have to care -- if everyone had to compile their own kernel and set up their own boot loader before doing anything else, we'd have made little progress since the heyday of mainframes! But the systems and abstractions and tooling that streamline the experience for regular users tend to get in the way for programmers, and systems and abstractions and tooling that help programmers do more faster can be impenetrably arcane or even dangerous from other perspectives (you can wipe out a *nix OS in nine keystrokes).

Linux can be friendly enough to non-programmers if you add more layers to mediate the user experience, but consumer Windows operating systems have those layers baked in and it's difficult to peel them back.

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