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When people say a programming language is "bad", what they mean is that it's difficult for them to do what they want to accomplish with it or that they have aesthetic objections to how programs are written and structured in it. There are some cases where most people agree (MUMPS is nigh-universally abhorred), but it's still fundamentally a matter of opinion.


That makes sense. I also feel like trends also may shape a particular view of a language. Now that you have Swift, which was supposed to replace Objective C, you might get blogs that say Objective C is the worst programming language to learn.

But you're right that's just opinion.


I work with a program using MUMPS, and while I don't do any actual development in MUMPS, I'm exposed to some of it through in-app "programming points" and I can't fathom how MUMPS programmers keep their sanity.

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