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How do you see the classical DBA role (robes, incense, occult rites and forbidden languages and all) evolving as development makes inroads on architectural and operational disciplines?


That reminds me.. I need to get my robes back from the cleaners before I finish up this migration or the whole thing will go to hell! :)


I heard you my friend, this is the biggest concern of every DBA nowadays. As the cloud is getting more mature everyday, many of the features are available online, cloud providers like google, oracle, aws azure etc are excelling at their cloud offerings the migration to cloud is inevitable.
Secondly the cost of cloud is way cheaper than maintaining a data center for small and medium sized businesses.
This reduced the administration workload from conventional DBAs so now these people need to find some more work to stay relevant in the company and industry.
Thus the role of "DevOps" is born. DevOps person is responsible for administration, maintenance, optimization, automation, deployment, backups and monitoring. So many DBAs have already adapted this change and became top notch DevOps engineers with vast experience in database administration.
Another route will be to become an architect, design and develop the structure of the database that will be housing terabytes of data yet providing exceptional performance under heavy loads, this commitment is not easy as this requires a deep understanding of RDBMS and the core concepts of databases both relational and NoSQL.

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