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re: When the "console", "terminal" or "command prompt" was really just this thing called "DOS" And it had QBasic. And QBasic was a godsend for learnin...

Having to choose between 640x480 with 16 colors or 320x200 with 256 was agonizing back in the day!


Color, or resolution... PICK ONE!

Color! Plus 320x200x256 was easy to address because every pixel was a byte in an array.

MOSTLY YES! But there was also some odd-ball hardware that was 16-bit transfers instead of 8-bit. So to draw a single pixel, you had to read two bytes, replace one, then write two bytes back. HOWEVER though, this also meant that just raw performance of painting was twice as fast, as you could draw two pixels in a single operation, if you already knew what both were going to be! (like copying frame buffer for example)

For those who get a kick out of wrangling old hardware to do things it was never designed to.. this back in 2015 blew me away when I found it: int10h.org/blog/2015/04/cga-in-102...


But damn the plaids were great. :p

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