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Discussion on: Plex: A Life

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Dian Fay Author • Edited

"There" and "not there" are pretty compelling as conceptual building blocks go, but it's true, strict dichotomies are.... well, strict dichotomies, with all that entails. They're useful not despite but because they dramatically simplify modeling more complex systems. And under capitalism, applying that simplicity to social interactions and institutions is profitable, which I think is largely what's driving the computerization of the noosphere more than a general passivity. People don't like being tracked and profiled and marketed to online; people don't like getting jerked around by algorithms at work; a lot of people don't even really like social media, which is ostensibly there for fun and sharing. So much of this is merely tolerated at best (convenience helps), and meanwhile there's money to be made.

If there's a mythical epistemology at work, it's specifically targeted at those of us effecting that computerization: yes, you can solve any problem with ones and zeroes if you try hard enough, and the Free Market, praised be its name, will reward you for succeeding! And of course, even if you don't buy into it, you still have to eat.

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Sam Osborn

Yes! The fact that that myth is targeting us effectors of computerization demands that we are responsible for labeling it, calling it out, and rejecting it. Like you say, the modes of oppression that come from this myth, and our loyalty to it, aren't enjoyed, though they are convenient.

I tend to think we can do better and still feed ourselves, and that looks like more computer scientists saying: "you know, software probably isn't the solution to this problem here". Which isn't to say software isn't incredibly helpful. We've got to get better at finding motivators outside of the Free Market, and we've got to practice using computers alongside some of those older human tools like politics, religion, and philosophy: true for everyone but especially the "computerizers".