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Discussion on: 13 good ways how to make money with coding in 2020

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István Döbrentei • Edited on

Yes you are right, there are many ways to make money and you collected it well. Thanks for it. I agree with you. All of them are a tool to make income and profit.
The question is who to pay for a blog post, a game, a book or any kind of service. My opinion is that the key point is the Value. Who does create value and what is the real value?
The customers give money for goods that are valuable for them. You can write any blogs and develop any kind of program in any kind of fancy language but if you don't create value you don't make much money. I think the very first step to know well your customers and their needs, behaviours, thinking and possible exiting solutions. It is not so true if you have time and want to enjoy your free time and write blogs and develops programs by passion or for just fun. In that case it is your hobby.
Everything is possible, you are the weakest chain.

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Duomly Author

Hi Istvan, thanks for the comment.
I like you point of view and agree, value is the most important!