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Farhan Yahya
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Is JavaScript taking over the world?

As we all know, JavaScript is a widely used language and also has lots and lots of capabilities.
Can it take over all other languages? I'll say yes. Why? I'll say imagine a newbie who dedicates his/her to learning and mastering just JavaScript. let's see the superpowers he/she will be equipped with.

  1. Front-end - Using VanillaJs and others(quite frustrating)
  2. Back-end - Using NodeJs
  3. 2D games- Using various Js game engines
  4. Desktop Applications- Using Electron.Js
  5. Drawing/Creative applications - Using the HTML inbuild Canvas and other frameworks
  6. SmartWatch Applications - Using Pebble.Js
  7. Mobile Applications - Using React Native

and others

But the truth is, It's never as easy as listed above. I remember how I felt after learning JavaScript functions which were the end of a course. I thought that was all to be learned but till today I'm still learning crap.

Please share your funny experiences or Js disabilities in the comments below.

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Nizar Ahmad Baihaqi

Javascript Fatigue is when you planning to use one of the thousand javascript variant out there 😓