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Wow am I so sad this article with such a clickbait-y title actually got picked for the weeks top articles :( This sounds more like a rant than an actually useful piece of information.

The way some choose to use branches perhaps is wrong, but stating that branching is wrong on git is just plain wrong. There's git-flow, there's forking flow, there's whatever-you-think-works-for-you-flow. I'm sorry that you had bad experience. As long as you have pull-requests it doesn't matter how a person chooses to build the feature. GIT is a distributed version control so you can do whatever you want in your local clone. But the important bit is to integrate development at least daily so you don't have such issues.

Now what this article is probably about - is feature toggling, unfortunately the subject is touched very lightly. Also "proper" CI was mentioned, but what is "proper"?

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