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Discussion on: Switch to Linux?

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Donovan Hutcheon

I'm sure there are Trojans and malicious software out there but not as prevalent as on Windows. Security has always been an afterthought on Windows. On Linux you usually install software from your distro's package repository which is usually vetted. Occasionally you need to add a ppa (personal package archive) to get certain apps which I guess could present a risk. I tend to avoid this, I've found through experience that ppa's aren't maintained that well and tend to break the update process rather than being a security risk. Then also occasionally you need to install rpms or Deb files manually, but security is such that apps can't install themselves. Windows isn't as flimsy as it used to be, but viruses are still a thing. I guess browser plug-ins are a risk no matter what OS you use.
I've never used Office online but wouldn't that be an option? It would suck to have to reboot each time you want to use Office.

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Donovan Hutcheon • Edited on

I also like to use Docker where possible to run certain apps. It gives me the peace of mind that I can delete the container and image when I no longer want the app anymore. Config files and other junk isn't left behind after it's gone.
An additional anecdote, I went to a Tensor Flow roadshow last year. The Google engineers spent the first two hours trying to assist the Windows users to get the curriculum Docker images working. The World would be a better place without Windows and MacOS :-)