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Discussion on: Upgrade macOS to Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts for a more Productive Development Workflow

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Sebastian Weber Author

What do you mean with "insane"? It's in the nature of things that you have to press 2 or 3 keys of Cmd, Option, Ctrl, etc. for managing focused windows. Otherwise you most probably use a key combo that is already reserved by the focused app or macOS. In addition, you can define your own shortcuts. E.g., it's easy for me to remember my Spectacle shortcuts. I press all of these special keys and than use:

  • N (Next display)
  • P (Previous display)
  • ↑ (focused window should consume upper half of display)
  • ← (focused window should consume left half of display)
  • ... There are many tools like Spectacle, e.g., Amethyst. However, there you have the "same problem" to define "cryptic shortcuts". I use Spectacle for most of window management, because I find it easy to use. If I forget a shortcut or want to go to preferences to define shortcuts, I have to click on the menu item.

I haven't mentioned all of Alfred's features. There are many more if you use Alfred's Powerpack. There are scripting capabilities I also plan to check out in the future:

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Scott Simontis

I should have mentioned that part of what complicates the shortcuts is my love of mechanical keyboards, I don't have any of my keyboards configured for OS X layout and mostly interact with my MacBook through a virtual KVM switch, so it can be confusing going back and forth.