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Discussion on: How to encrypt strings & files in your source code?

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Dor Shinar • Edited

It looks cool, but by the time someone has access to your source code, no encryption could save your secrets. If you really need to encrypt your secrets, use a dedicated secret manager (and probably fetch them over an encrypted channel).

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Bartosz Wójcik Author

That's not the point of this extension. The point is to quickly hide simple strings you don't want people to see with a text or hex editor like licensing system messages, secret API endpoints. Sure you can do it with a debugger, but people use simple encryption all the time, with this extension you can do it much faster without writing your own encryption code and decryption code, even a simple xor encryption would require you to write a dedicated code. Now if you would like to do it for multiple programming languages you would have to write separate code generators or algorithms.