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High Performance Database Access with EF Core

EF Core is an object relational mapper that allows developers to use a model-driven approach for database access. Recently, Microsoft MVP Phil Japikse and VS Toolbox host Robert Green created a video series named "EF Core In-Depth." We spoke with both of them about their motivation behind the series.

Phil and Robert shared demos that show the massive performance improvements in EF Core on .NET Core compared to Entity Framework 6 on the .NET Framework. In addition to performance, the team discussed the motivation behind EF Core architecture decisions, how to decide what version of EF Core to use (nightly builds? latest stable? most recent preview?), optimistic and pessimistic concurrency, and more.

You can find the links that were discussed in the show at:

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evanboissonnot profile image

Verry interesting video, and the serie was it too ! :)