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Head of Developer Relations at Ionic

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Prerecording Talks for Online Conferences

Great tips! Didn't think of creating a dedicated Chrome profi...

Ionic: Fullscreen Modal & Menu Popover

Once again, unsurprisingly, this is 🔥🔥🔥!

The Modern Hybrid App Developer

Fortunately, I think the "different results from different ph...

Announcing Ioniconf 2020

I would highly suggest attending Ioniconf then... ;)

The Developer Relations Explainer

Best DevRel overview I've read yet! Especially love the endin...

Introducing: Tie Tracker. A simple, open source and free time tracking app ⏱️

The best projects always scratch your own itch. Very well d...

Use your phone's camera in Ionic apps with Capacitor

Great stuff, Jorge! Keep it coming :)

Forget Mobile First, Progressive Web App First is the Future

That would be nice. In the meantime, we've got tools like C...

Stop Testing My Code!

Excellent post, Michael. I used to be on the 100% code cove...

7 Tips for Career Advancement and Personal Fulfillment

Kim - fantastic post! On "Sharing Your Wins" - I also write...

Ionic React - First Look

Great writeup, Nader! You nailed it on the "framework vs. fra...

Develop 99% of your Ionic app in the browser with Capacitor

Yes! Start here in the Capacitor docs.

The Easiest Way to Keep Product Documentation Up to Date

Thanks Dave! Haven't heard of Sphinx, but yes that's a grea...

Celebrating One Year at Ionic

Haha! Will you direct it? Thanks David!

Podcast: PWAs Powered by Web Components

It was our pleasure! DeckDeckGo is such a great app - very ...