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I write dev docs; here are some tools that I use regularly (the * are command-line; the + are GUI), in no particular order:

  • git: I wrote my own "cheat sheet"
  • emacs: even after 20+ years using it, I still haven't mastered it
  • cygwin bash for Windows: I have a ton of scripts from over the years
  • RubyMine for Ruby
  • GoLand for Go
  • VS Code for TypeScript project (CDK, check it out)
  • vi for quick edits
  • Oxygen for XML-based doc files, although I often drop down into text mode
  • PyCharm for Python

I still haven't found a great editor for RST files. I've tried Atom, Sublime, etc., but often just go back to emacs, although you have to be careful with tabs versus spaces. I usually just run a cygwin script that uses expand, especially for RST files as the Python-ish format can get hosed results if you screw that up.

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