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Discussion on: What is the most potentially-revolutionary software currently being developed?

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Tim Downey

Maybe what I said is a little broad... I'm just rattling off comments here. 😂

I don't believe Kubernetes lowers the barrier of entry to the field of software development, per se. In fact if someone is starting out and wanting to learn to code it's probably at best a distraction. I do believe, though, it lowers the barrier to entry for writing production-grade software that runs at scale. It provides:

  • A common declarative way of deploying changes and running containers
  • Ability to autoscale when under load
  • Fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities when application instances crash
  • Tons of adjacent software works with it (service meshes, logging systems, etc.)
  • Ingress Controllers provide self-service APIs for configuring external routing
  • Much more... just listing off the first things that come to mind

Things that you or someone in your organization would have to do themselves and perhaps do manually. When used correctly it can save a lot of time and more devs can focus on writing their own software instead of learning how to do all of this. That's what I meant. :)

That said, like what @charlesdlandau said above, Kubernetes alone is just a tool and it's not as simple as just throwing a legacy application into a container and calling it a day.

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Good take! I believe k8s has its place but waaay to many people with small to medium business jump on the hype train without any justification for using k8s. There is a huge gap betweeen cost and benefit in the low/medium end.