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Discussion on: What Are the Most Important CS Principles to Learn as a New Dev from a Non-Traditional Background?

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Tim Downey

I think the BaseCS series by @vaidehijoshi is a good resource.

It can help you gain awareness of CS topics over time in easy to digest chunks.

I think another good exercise is to write a simple web server in C and deploy it on a cheap cloyd host (like a $5 Digital Ocean instance). I think this is valuable because it takes away a lot of the magic in modern web development and can provide exposure to the lower level networking and programming constructs that powers the web.

I like this guide for the networking aspects of this:

You can find lots of other resources though across the web.

As others have mentioned, data structure and algorithm exposure is important too. The level of familiarity you'll need is highly dependent on where you are in your career and what type of software you're developing, though. I think for most folks it's just important to know what is out there and where to learn more as it becomes relevant.

Just my two cents. 🌠