Discussion on: What do you do when you're frustrated?

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Dmitrii Pashutskii

Best things which always help me:

  1. 10 minutes meditation. It's more like the daily thing, but you always could try it when you're frustrated. Best apps - headspace, calm.

  2. Walking around with podcasts in the headphones. Music not so helpful, because you still be thinking about things that bother you. And it's better to take non-programming podcast. hello internet, luke's english podcast for examples.

  3. Sport: In my case, it's jogging/running or gym. But I think it could be anything.

  4. Video games/TV shows: It should be something simple and light, nothing serious. Almost all games are suitable, it's better to play on a console while sitting on a comfortable couch in your living room, not in front of the laptop/PC. In case of TV Shows, sitcoms are best.

  5. Read a book. Of course fiction/comic or some novel, nothing serious here as well :)