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re: Love the open source suggestion. I need to figure out how to get into that world.

I started just by looking at projects with similar topics and interests of mine, eg Wordpress development (where I came across github.com/pojome/elementor and ended up becoming a contributor of code, after writing a feature I had on my wish list) - for me it's essential to contribute to these kinds of projects as you learn so much from them and get to give something back to the projects that help you make money.

Good luck!

Your absolutely right. Although at times the projects you might want to contribute too can be so intimidating :/

Yeah that's true. I started looking at projects that needed small things done like documentation, cleanup of typos in code, etc. and then eventually contributed more serious stuff when the time was right.

And I don't take pull requests too personally, if I submit something and it's rejected I usually try to find out why and then learn from it. If it gets accepted I thank the project manager and high five my cat :)

Really nice !!!! I guess I will try and start like you did :). I guess sometimes the fear of rejection makes it harder to just go for it, and it ain't a win if the cat doesn't get a "hi five" lol

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