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Discussion on: Why Elm is the right tool to build MiniLatex

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That's a good reason :-)

I'd personally like to see more LaTeX-inspired programming languages. It's no fun reading chebyshev's inequality by writing out every function name... even worse when it's a pass by reference language so every function need to have an output argument to avoid memory allocation.

Maybe this will help in that respect.

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James Carlson Author

I may look into this down the road, now that I know how to make a parser. But I'll be occupied getting this off the ground for a good while. Thanks for the feedback!

One thing one has to take into account, however, is human behavior. Essentially all mathematicians use & know LaTeX. It is like a second language to them. Getting busy people to adopt something different is very difficult. They would have to see a huge benefit, and even then, I think it would be a lift. Example: QWERTY vs Dvorak. We'll see!!