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Discussion on: The shape of the CMS to come

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Cédric Chatelain

I might miss something but I don't get why people always see the content editor as part of the "headless" back-end and not as a part of the front-end ?

What prevent us from integrating our own editor in the front-end, protected by the usual permission system ? If an headless back-end can deliver content it also can ingest it.

Of course you can still deliver a basic content edition experience on the back-end to kickstart everything but separating the edition from the display seems counter intuitive and not supported by any technical limitation.

Am'I oblivious to something or is it just a general bias ?

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Matteo Frana Author

This is great and it is indeed the direction we are taking with ReactBricks: the Admin is inside the Next.js or Gatsby project. This way we also solve the problem of "sharing bricks components between admin and frontend": they are the same project! 😊

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Cédric Chatelain • Edited

always nice to learn I'm not completely out of my mind :-) I'll follow your project hoping to see it kickstart a new "path" for the modern content stack.