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Discussion on: It's Time to Say Goodbye to Docker

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Chris Bird

It's an important point about lack of support, community, and Google/Stack Exchange results. A long time ago, I worked in a department where we used Borland (later Embarcadero) C++ Builder and Ingres database, and an ancient version of RedHat Linux on the backend. There were many problems that we had to overcome that existed because of that particular combination of technologies, for which we could find no outside help because I don't think anyone else used that combination of technologies. Whilst trying to figure out how to deal with one of these problems one day, I wondered out loud: "I wonder how many people in the world use C++ Builder, Ingres and RedHat together?". I began to count the number of people in the office: "1, 2, 3, 4..." and everyone laughed.

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Clay Ferguson

I've been coding 30 years (in my 50s) and used Borland C++ a lot too. Your example sounds familiar to a lot of what I've seen many times. I've seen junior developers download random libraries from the old sourceforge and put it directly into a commercial product with no permission asked for, no discussions had, etc. And it was a name-brand company you'd know.