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I develop on Linux where .net core is one of the frameworks that I use. VS Code is great! However, I still missed Visual Studio .... until Rider from Jetbrains came along. Unfortunately no free version but it's worth investing in. Coming from a windows environment you are most likely comfortable with IIS. But I recommend skilling up with something like Apache or Nginx. Other than that I highly recommend mastering the command line. Btw you can use powershell in Linux too. I think you've made the right choice. Keep at it :)


Nice to know that I'm not alone :). Yeah, VS Code rocks and day by day I'm more convinced to it.

I plan to try Apache or Nginx too. At the beginning I very interested in differences between natively Docker on Linux and "virtualized" Docker on Windows. I'm going to test differences in performance between them.

Currently, I'll use Linux only for my side projects and for fun but who knows maybe in the Future I'll invest some money and buy more professional tools like Rider. BTW thanks for your suggestion, I'll look closer to Rider.




Rider helps me a lot with college related projects. Part of it comes from my familiarity with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio, but having a similar set of tools and shortcuts makes it super easy to get started compared to using VS Code + the powerful refactor, version control integration and search capabilities to navigate around a project.


Rider for the win! :) Having said that, I'm rather impressed with the extensions that are now available for C# development in VS Code.

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