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re: Thanks Douglas for sharing This. Iam a beginner to react and I love learning by doing so this article have so much value for me! one Qes plz : Ia...

Hey Eslam! Glad it's of value. All my samples were built the "manual" way with the sole intent of making one aware of what sort of goes on "behind the scenes" with a CLI tool like CRA. I think the manual way is great for learning. CRA, as great as it is, hides A LOT of the dev dependencies for example (unless you eject the app). For example, CRA kind of hides the fact that you are using webpack. Because the apps that I put together are more examples than tutorials, I would suggest an online React course where those dev dependencies are explained better. So, just to clarify, personally I prefer doing things the manual way. However there is merit in using CRA as it simplifies things greatly when starting out. Therefore, I would suggest that perhaps it's easier for you to start out with CRA so that you can focus on the 'React' part. But when you wish to start stripping down a React app so that you can master and better understand React dependencies, then I would suggest trying the manual way of doing things. Happy coding!

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