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Discussion on: This is how I turned my old laptop into a server.

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The only point you proved was the COMPLETELY obvious, that your a fucking little shit-bag that needs to sit down, shut up, and wait to be told what to do. You see little boy, it's guys like you that haul our garbage. You troll sites like these, no doubt furiously jerking an angry little boner in the hopes of stumbling across some hard working, humble, engineer that you trash, and with that act, perhaps torture your defective pre-frontal cortex into shitting out some self esteem. The nights must be truly terrifying for people like you. Alone in the dark, laying there with the knowledge that this is as good as it's ever gonna be. You'll NEVER be the next..... The next ANYTHING, because those jobs go to people who know they don't know everything. Those jobs go to the guys that figure out a way to learn something from everyone. Even if it's to learn that they don't EVER want to be a know it all little SHIT. The reason you have no friends, ZERO chances at a promotion, and coworkers who laugh at you behind your back and wouldn't recommend you for a job answering the help desk at NAMBLA is really the same reason your still shooting your jizz into a tube sock. Until you figure out it's not what you get out of this world, but what you put INTO it that matters, you will remain a pathetic little loser. If that's just too much to wrap your tiny little intellect around, he's the correlate. "Nobody likes a know it all, and nobody doesn't live here" still nothing?? I'll make it even easier." If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your fucking mouth shut before somebody makes speaking at all a distant memory. Asshole...

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Holy shit! I hope you feel better now that you got that shit off your chest.