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Discussion on: How To Freelance on with no experience

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Maciej Author

Yeah I hear you, and these are some of the reasons I left the platform.
If you are beginner you may be willing to slide clients way.
I found that establishing firm rules, and informing prior to the project start and sticking to them helps a lot.
If a client is strong-arming you like that it's best to be firm on your price, and explain the logic behind the price, in a lot of cases you will lose a client, but those that will understand it are the good clients you want to nurture the relationship with.
Also the platform favouring the clients, can't disagree here, the treatment from of their freelancers is abhorrent, and it's no wonder they mainly attract those cheap developers that go for quantity of projects over quality.
Still you can find some really good clients there, and this makes it a good place to get your feet wet in the freelancing word.