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re: Basically, however obscure it sounds, Serverless still uses servers. Shocker right!? Anyhow, Serverless Architecture is when you use cloud services...

It's worth nothing that the serverless framework is one of many ways to use serverless architectures. Alteratives include:

  • Managing lambdas yourself in AWS's console (or equivalent for other platforms like Azure, etc)
  • Building & deploying your application with chalice AWS Lambda & Python ONLY
  • deploying your aplication with apex (AWS ONLY)
  • deploy a traditional Python WSGI app to AWS using Zappa
  • lots of other options.

The main advantage of the serverless framework is that it has the biggest userbase currently and works with many service providers (AWS, Azure, Google, OpenWhisk, OpenFAAS, Kubeless, just to name a few)

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