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GITHUB Breakdown for beginners THREAD!

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We have a project we want to upload to github! So let's do this step by step.
Left hand side of the screen, you will see a green button that says New. Press that.

Now we need a repository name. A repository is the space we are saving our code in. You can add a description to explain what is in this space, so if you come back after a few months you can remember what is in there.

Now lets go ahead and create the repository!

Now one way we can do this, is by copying and pasting our code. By pressing the Create a new file link, it will open an editor that will allow us to paste our code in.
Create a new file on github

This is where we would paste our code and then press Commit new file
Your code is now saved in the repository!
github text editor

NOW! Learn how to do this using Git! Learn how to do this like a professional!
GitBash breakdown for beginners!

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Corey McCarty

You can throw a series: fu in both articles and there will be a list that gets populated with links to all of the articles in the series.