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Discussion on: Creating a New Programming Language That Will Allow Anyone to Make Software

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⚫️ nothingness negates itself

Goes it bit further than this, because Amundsen is literally talking about generic clients that "share understanding" (therefore, they share models, and of course servers can invalidate cache; but the idea is evolution of one model between client and server — so you're not fundamentally deviating from Amundsen and Fielding's and et al's goal: you may want to check out Amundsen's Hypermedia-oriented Design and also ALPS) but there are affinities between what you are doing and what Mike Amundsen/Roy Fielding/etc had been establishing in Hypermedia-Oriented systems for scale-free (and potentially coordination-free) systems that do not require context-free grammars but expected message modeling as formal input recognition in governing program semantics conforming to consistency as logical monotonicity (CALM conjecture) rather can Strong Consistency models