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re: Thank you for sharing. I'm not an expert in blockchain but about C# it supports cross platforms since years via Dotnet Core. dotnet.microsoft.com/d...

True, I even use c# and last days tried to do q# on mac and it's possible. Anyway, I feel it's designed to be windows-oriented in the biggest part.


Note during the days of .NET Framework, C# supported by Microsoft was Windows-only, however, many companies and projects leverage Mono - an implementation of .NET - to run C# cross-platform e.g. Xamarin, Unity etc.

But since 2015, C# has gone opensource, cross-platform and it is of high performance - check the various performance benchmarks.


The only portion of .NET Core that is "Windows-oriented" would be for desktop development. Core has great Linux support. I host all my .NET Core services, APIs and web apps on Linux servers.


C# was born to be used in Windows environment back to 00s but dude, it has been almost 20 years, C# language has evolved and now it runs in several Linux distributions in big companies. You cannot share wrong perceptions of a languages based on a feeling. Please stick with the facts and update this article. Also, there's no such thing as Go being difficult to learn. It is much easier than many programming languages. Anyway I appreciate the comparisons done here

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