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Discussion on: Adding Custom JavaScript in Rails 6

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Andrew Aks • Edited

Thanks for the article! I try to call JavaScript 'alert' when clicking the button:

  • JavaScript code is placed in app/javascript/packs/custom.js and contains only this function: function dosmth() { alert(‘hello’); }
  • This file is referenced in app/views/layouts/application.html.erb: <%= javascript_pack_tag ‘custom’ %>
  • Finally, JS code is called on button click in a ERB file: <%= button_tag ‘Do smth’, type: ‘button’, :onclick => “dosmth()” %> When I run the app, I see a compiled script on a page. But when I click the button, I get the error: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: dosmth. Could you please help if you have any ideas? inspect
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Felice Forby Author • Edited

Well, I did some digging... Since these are webpack modules, I guess you have to do a little more work to make the function available if you're simply declaring it in pack/custom.js. First, you need to export function by adding an export at the end of the file:

// javascript/packs/custom.js

function dosmth() { 

export default dosmth;

Then, in the main application.js, you have to import it and make it available to the window. You can do that by adding this to the bottom of application.js

// javascript/packs/application.js

// require statements, etc....

import dosmth from './custom'
window.dosmth = dosmth

Then it should work! I think there's a way to export and import all functions in a file too... I'm not very familiar with how webpack works yet, but I'll try to update this post with some more info soon.

Instead of exporting/importing, another way is to add the onClick function with an event listener instead. First, give your button and id or something like that and remove the onclick:

<%= button_tag 'Do smth', id: 'button-click', type: 'button' %> 

Then in the custom.js file, add an event listener:

// javascript/packs/custom.js

function dosmth() { 

document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', () => {  
  const clickButton = document.getElementById("button-click");  

  clickButton.addEventListener("click", dosmth); 

You do need to make sure you wrap the event listener (and other JS) inside the document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', () => {}. That's Rails' way of making sure the page and turbolinks is loaded before any of the javascript gets executed!

I hope that helps!! I learned a bit trying to figure this out too!

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Andrew Aks

Ooh, great thanks, Felice!

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John Viviano

Thanks for this article. It was helpful. Changing the declaration of your JavaScript function may simplify things a bit:

// in your html
<a href="#" onclick="dosmth()">dosmth</a>

// javascript/packs/custom.js
window.dosmth = function() {

// I don't think you need the export default dosmth;
// export default dosmth;

// In your javascript/packs/application.js I don't think you need the corresponding declarations:

// import dosmth from './custom'
// window.dosmth = dosmth

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