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Discussion on: Why I Quit a $500K Job at Amazon to Work for Myself

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Daniel Vassallo Author

I think the biggest privilege I have is actually not my savings, but the knowledge that it probably shouldn’t be hard to find a job that covers my expenses if things don’t work out. It’s unlikely that I can get in the same position I left with the same compensation, but I’m okay with that.

I did manage to save about 5.5 years of expenses before leaving. But I’m 35 with 2 small kids (2 and 4), so I definitely need to earn a living. Having a decent amount of savings definitely helped with the change, but I believe I would have still left if I had less or no savings. If that was the case, I would have probably tried to find a part-time remote job (or contracting) that would have allowed me to do something for myself while still paying the bills.

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Ben Sinclair

I think the biggest privilege is being able to say

I’m going to try to make a living with my own bare hands starting from nothing

while also recognising that you are richer than 99% of people in the world.