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Discussion on: We Should All Be Writing WET Code

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Davide de Paolis

I really don't think that PopUp you are describing was DRY at all... rather a huge mess with everything in one single place. ( I also worked in a company where we had a very similar pop up. very very similar. hundreds if not 1000+ LOC with incredible cyclomatic complexity due to all those flags and conditions. working and debugging that was pure hell.
But again, that was far away from being DRY, and anything but SOLID.
I absolutely agree that premature abstraction is wrong. Most of the time YAGNI, so why bother. but as soon, as you said, you realize you wrote more than TWICE, you should do something about that. which is NOT a God Component like the one you described. rather a more functional approach, with tiny components or methods that can be composed, chained together, decorated and adapted, and built according to your need using different design patterns.