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Discussion on: Why Do Companies Ask For Passion?

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Davide de Paolis

while I agree that in many company Passion is translated to - work more pay less, or work extra hours for free or spend your entire weekend learning the framework we will start using in the next project (. in the end what's best than doing what you love?!?!) I don't necessarily consider a Red Flag.

As any Senior Engineer would answer for almost any problem: It depends

Honestly I can't understand how somebody that is not passionate about coding, technology and solving problem could even do this job, or at least be good at it.
Programming is hard, it is frustrating, it requires to learn a lot, and to unlearn a lot, things change constantly, so, if you don't really like it, how can you dedicate 40 hours per week to it.
Sure it is definetely better than dedicating 40hours per week to Cleaning Toilets or as a Cashier in a Supermarket, but then, well yes.. ** if your only reason to work as a Developer is "there is worse than that" probably then yeah.. that might not be the Passion companies are looking for.**
But then.. how do you demonstrate passion?
Sure, contributing to OS could tell a lot.

Sure, blogging about Software Engineering counts.
Sure, reading articles or learn something out of your working hours is important.

but all this, to a certain extent, to me that could also tell that you _ don't have a life _ . And as soon you find a partner, or you get a baby or find some hobby then you will stop doing all that.

Passion is to be demonstrated at work, during standups, during meetings with stakeholders, during code reviews, while pair programming. It is showing that you care about what you are doing, that you are interested in the feedback you are getting from your colleagues and you like sharing your knowledge to others, it means being proactive, have initiative, find joy in whatever challenge you are faced ( be it fixing a lint rule error or writing UML diagrams, refactoring a crappy piece of legacy code, or architecting a new app.
not just waiting for the PM to assign you a ticket, work on it trying to meet the estimate, push and wait for what's next.

Don't let company exploit you in the name of passion. But please be passionate in what you do.