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Discussion on: Exploring ASP.NET Web API (.NET 5)

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dyagzy • Edited

Thank you always for well written apt tutorials. Reading your article made me better understand how it all works on. Net 5 especially when you registered the Cors. Moreover, what is the purpose of registering the Cors? I will code along all the above and revert if I have bugs. Can you write on authentication, authorization and Middlewares please?

I also noticed that you didn't talk about how you came about the ILogger object and we didn't use it in the application! Why is this so?

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John Ojo Author

Hi, thanks for reading the article and leaving a comment.
If you plan to consume your ASP.NET Core API from another project you must enable CORS in the API project. should help you understand what CORS is all about. will help with understanding how logging works in ASP.NET Core